Wrapped (Navinki)

I am completely concealed and restricted by individually wrapped pieces of satin ballet ribbon. My experience from within the ribbon is altered and distorted by my disorientation. I create a reality from what I can hear feel and remember of my surroundings. Those on the outside of the ribbon create their own stories of my intentions and sensations from what they can see, the sense that I am missing. They also create stories of their own through their choices of how they interact or don’t with my presence. Wrapped originated as an image in my mind with the influence of my own love of dance and the material as well as the social connotations that are attached to the materials that are lavish and generally associated with females and a freedom and power that one holds as a dancer. I found that this piece became whole once I was within the space amid the audience; the stories and memories that they brought to their experience of me and shared was the missing
part of its meaning.