Stand Beside

Stand Beside Exhibition
Leighton Collier Roux and Paul Roux have come together over the past few years to stand beside one another as friends, artists and partners.
Though they come from different countries and experiences, they find that their work, when placed together in the same space, engages in interesting dialogue around contemporary humanity and society.
Stand Beside is the title of an exhibition staged at the experimental Anderson gallery space in Carpinteria in 2011, curated by Ben and Sean Anderson.
The exhibition was comprised of paintings from Paul Roux and photographic documentation of performance work by Leighton Collier Roux. Leighton Collier Roux also performed live at the opening reception, inviting members of the audience to take her hand for a moment in a gesture of human solidarity and an acknowledgement of the ongoing urgent need for compassion in the world – as part of a piece entitled Hand Hold (No. 5).
Cumulatively, with striking imagery, steeped in allegory, the work speaks of being here, of taking the time to appreciate the endless beauty and wonder of life; to feel gratitude and solidarity with the earth that sustains us while facing up to the challenges and changes of the contemporary historical moment.
In this rapidly changing world, these two artists look to engage viewers in an urgent celebration of the beauty that is our natural heritage, a celebration consciously tempered by acknowledgement of the consequences of the prevailing separation between humanity and the planet.
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